Tax Season is Over – Now What?

After a brief moment to take a breath, the WHC tax group gathered together in late April for a Retrospective to discuss what worked and what didn’t work during the 2019 Tax Season – or, in our case, what we ‘Loved’ about tax season, what we ‘Learned’ about tax season, and what was ‘Lacking’ in tax season. We spent over two hours having some very interesting conversations and discussions amongst the group and learned how we could improve going forward. Overall, we were very happy with how tax season progressed, with one of the partners admitting that it was the best tax season he’s had in decades.

So what happens now?

Contrary to what people may think, WHC does not shut down after April 15th. We are constantly working to improve our client services as well as tightening up various items around the office (a great example of a post-tax season improvement is this website that you are looking at right now). Another big upgrade around the office is a complete overhaul of our tax software. We are excited to see how this new software will make us work more efficiently to better complete tax returns and to better execute project tracking.