Saturday Night’s Alright

Yes, we do get out of the office from time to time! Besides our annual Christmas party, the employees at WHC enjoy social events with each other every few months! Recently, we've really enjoyed attending the Movies on Tap series at the Penn Cinema Riverfront here in Wilmington - most recently seeing the musical comedy classic The Blues Brothers! Several co-workers went to the cinema to see Avengers: Endgame together. Also, we are currently planning on attending the Holy Trinity Greek Festival in early June. Hope to see you there!

WHC is also very supportive of their employees in their own extra-curricular activities. Almost the entire staff went to see a show at Bootless Stageworks here in Wilmington, which featured Rob D tickling the ivories. It was a wonderful evening of music and laughter, and truly showed the camaraderie of the firm and its employees.