Business Strategy, Business Development & Business Planning

Business Strategy & Development

Our strong team of business advisors consists of experienced businessmen and businesswomen who have a passion for the game of business. The ROI team is comprised of individuals who have had success in the business world and who have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences that allow us to manage and deal effectively with the comprehensive issues that are involved with managing and growing a business.


The ROI Vision

Our vision as business advisors is to significantly improve our client's business performance and overall results causing an improved quality of life for them and their employees.

ROI Services and Areas of Focus

ROI is focused on achieving real, measurable results for you and your business. Working closely with business owners and key employees, our goal is to ensure that strategic actions are implemented, executed, and followed through on a consistent basis. Our areas of focus include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Analysis
  • Organizational Development
  • Personnel Development, Assessment and Recruitment
  • Team Building
  • Systems and Procedures Review & Development
  • Marketing Strategies and Reviews
  • Financial Modeling & Profit Engineering
  • Pricing Analysis and Planning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (including Exit Planning)

The ROI Approach

Implementation and execution are critical to the success of any plan. As part of our comprehensive approach to growing your business, we organize your business into manageable and tangible areas in order to focus on specific concerns. We divide the business into the following areas:

  • Organization and People
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Management and Systems
  • Finance and Money

We then work with owners and key staff members to take businesses to the next level of success using a three-phase process:

  • Operational Analysis
  • Strategic Action Plan
  • Goal Setting, Measuring, and Adjusting


Operational Analysis

During the operational analysis phase, we take a critical look into all areas of your business. As a result, we become a valuable resource for you and your business because we gain an intimate knowledge of all aspects of your business, including your personnel, processes and systems, and performance trends.

Strategic Action Plan

In the strategic action plan phase, we work with business owners and key employees to develop strategic action steps for both short- and long-term goals. The action steps are tactics for moving the business forward to the next level of success.

Goal Setting, Measuring, & Adjusting

The goal setting, measuring, and adjusting phase oversees and monitors the ongoing execution, measurement and analysis of the action plan and associated results. This ongoing analysis and measurement provides the unemotional data and performance trends needed to make adjustments and create new action steps. The goals help keep a sense of urgency present in the business from day to day.