Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Delaware Avenue Wealth Planners (DWP) – an affiliate of Williams Humphreys & Company — is a firm that provides personalized financial planning and wealth management assistance to individuals, families, and businesses. As professional wealth planners, we fully understand that our primary goal is helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

The DWP Approach

Rather than taking a generic approach to financial planning and wealth management, Delaware Avenue Wealth Planners considers the individual needs of our clients and builds custom, goal-oriented programs that are free from the constraints of unwieldy, impersonal advisory firms. DWP is an independent planning and wealth protection company. We are not directly associated with or obligated to any specific securities, funds, or financial institutions when it comes to assisting you with your planning. This independence allows us to keep our focus solely on your financial goals. What’s more, our independence enables us to provide fee-based — rather than commission-based — services, so all aspects of your personalized plan receive the independent consideration you deserve.


Delaware Avenue Wealth Planners will help you develop your financial plan, provide the discipline to execute and follow through on the plan, and adjust the plan as circumstances in your life change. Our foundation of top-notch service is built on:

  • Intense Analysis and Planning
  • Personalized Approach to Individual  Circumstances and Goals
  • Open and Transparent Communications with Advisors
  • Common-Sense, Customized, Easy-to-Understand Solutions
  • Fee-Based Plans with No Third-Party Commissions
  • Dedicated Professionals who Work on your Behalf

Goal-Oriented Financial Planning Process

The DWP financial planning process takes a multi-faceted approach to managing your wealth. We strive to:

  • Understand where you are and how you got there
  • Understand your financial goals
  • Understand your timeline to achieve your goals
  • Understand the specifics of your current  investments and other assets
  • Understand your income and expenses
  • Understand  your risk tolerance
  • Understand your tax situation

By thoroughly learning and understanding your history and goals, we can develop a financial plan tailored to you, your family, or your organization.


Post-Plan Implementation

By no means do we take a “build it and forget it” approach to financial planning. At DWP, we absolutely recognize that circumstances change, markets change, and goals change, so we make it a point to ensure that your plan changes along with your needs. Our planners, advisors, and managers will work with you to ensure open communication and to adjust your plan, as needed. As part of our comprehensive service, our team will:

  • Monitor your plan on an ongoing basis to maintain a course that achieves your financial objectives
  • Meet periodically with you to:
    • review and discuss results and progress toward your financial goals
    • update your financial plan
    • ensure that your investment risk profile is still relevant